SAN FRANCISCO: December 5, 2018
A special CD is released for the 10thanniversary of the repose of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II and His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus

On the occasion of the 10thanniversary of the repose of Patriarch Alexy II ( December 5, 2008) Russkiy Pastyr Publishers have released a new CD Pascha in memory of two champions of Orthodox Church unity: His Holiness Patriarch Alexy and His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus ( March 16, 2008). This is the 11thCD in the monumentalChants of the Russian Emigreseries and is sung by the Nizhny Novgorod Municipal Chamber Choir under the direction of Ivan Stolnikov, with the participation of clergy from Moscows renowned Sretensky Monastery.

The CD Pascha is outstanding and a breakthrough in the field of choral church art. The Nizhny Novgorod Chamber Choir has an incredible grasp of the culture of sound, crystal clear intonation and magnificent choral technique. In this new recording the choirs capabilities are put to serve an elevated and joyful Paschal mood, at the same time retaining an understanding and sensitivity to the sacred texts. The singing, repertoire and concept of the recording are organic and restrained. I have not heard a better choir in the course of the last 20 years. May this incredible and important church choral offering serve to the glory of God and our RussianOrthodox Church! Nun Iuliana (Denisova)

The 11th volume in the remarkableChants of the Russian Emigresseries features a lineup of hymns that have seldom, if ever, been heard before. Several tracks, like Boris Ledkovskys exuberantChrist Is Risen(which imitates the joyous pealing of Paschal bells), Nikolai Kedrovs (pere)Grand Mercy of Peace, Evgeny EvetzsAs Many as Have Been Baptized, and Ivan GardnersPaschal Antiphons are world premiere recordings. Two composers are featured for the first time in this series: Viktor Dreving and Sergei Ryabchenko. The album format includes a number of clergy exclamations and other liturgical details, which make the listening experience approach what one would hear at an actual Paschal service theFeast of Feasts. Along with the fresh and new repertoire it makes this disc a worthwhile addition to every Orthodox church music lovers collection. Vladimir Morosan

Volume 11 in theChants of the Russian Emigreseriesmay be orderedfrom:

Holy Virgin Cathedral Bookstore
6200 Geary Boulevard
SanFrancisco, CA 94121, U.S.A.


For wholesale orders (5+) please contact the publisher:

475 26Avenue


Digital downloads of this recording (and all the CDs in the Chants of the Russian Emigre series) are available at Musica Russica: http://www.musicarussica.com/compact_discs/c131


1. - , . .
Cherubic Hymn Kievan Chant, harm. B. Ledkovsky

2. - . . , .
Paschal Canon - Priest V. Starorussky, arr. M. Konstantinov

3. , . .
Paschal Antiphon - Carpatho-Russian Chant, harm. I. Gardner

4. - , . . -
Paschal Prokeimenon - Lesser Znamenny Chant, harm. N. Kedrov (pere)

5. .
Conclusion of the Liturgy & Christ is Risen - B. Ledkovsky



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