GERMAN DIOCESE: October 12, 2017
The Funeral and Burial of Newly-Reposed Hegumen Evfimy (Logvinov) Take Place

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, the funeral for the late Hegumen Evfimy (Logvinov) was held at St Job of Pochaev Monastery in Munich. Fr Evfimy reposed in the Lord after a lengthy illness on October 5, 2017, at the age of 64.

Services began as usual at 4 am with midnight office and matins, at which time clergymen from throughout the diocese gathered to pay their last respects. At 6:30 am, funerary Liturgy commenced, at which His Eminence Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany officiated. He was joined by His Grace Bishop Isaiah of Shumpersk of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands, who knew the late Fr Evfimy, along with a multitude of diocesan clerics, among whom several sang under the direction of Hierodeacon Iov. His Eminence Archbishop Agapit of Stuttgart also prayed at the service.

Despite the fact that it was a weekday, the church was filled with mourners. St Elizabeth Convent's choir from Buchendorf sang the Cherubic Hymn. The monastic funeral service began after Liturgy, after which the body of the late Fr Evfimy was carried around the monastery grounds. Archbishop Mark read the prayer of absolution.

Hegumen Evfimy was then buried at Munich-Obermenzing Cemetery, where a short litiya was performed. The monastery then hosted a memorial trapeza luncheon, at which Vladyka Mark and Vladyka Agapit shared their memories of the reposed monk, as did Protopriest Nikolai Artemoff, the Secretary of the Diocesan Administration and Senior Priest of Holy New Martyrs and Confessors Cathedral in Munich. Fr Ilya Limberger, Senior Priest of St Nicholas Cathedral in Stuttgart also spoke about Fr Evfimy.

The hierarchs particularly noted the humility and meekness of Fr Evfimy, as well as his great erudition. Fr Evfimy had lived in the monastery for 23 years, until the very day of his death, and serves as an example of monastic dedication.

Hegumen Evfimy's grave is located not far from those of Archimandrite Iov and Archimandrite Kornily, former abbots of the monastery, along with other of its late brethren. Fr Evfimy had devoted a great deal of time studying the history of the monastery, researching the lives of its abbots, and often performed pannikhidas over their graves, among others at the cemetery, and he now joins their ranks. Eternal memory to Fr Evfimy!


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