MUNICH: June 13, 2017
The Third Day of the Council of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad

On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, after Divine Liturgy, the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia convened at St Elizabeth Convent in Buchendorf, Germany, reviewed and signed the minutes from Day 2 of the gathering.

The Council then heard a report by Protodeacon Denis Lvov, manager of the Synodal candle factory, and a report by the Treasurer of the Synod of Bishops, Subdeacon George Schatiloff.

In the afternoon, the member bishops deliberated on candidates to the episcopacy and clergy of the Russian Church Abroad. His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, President of the Synod of Bishops, proposed granting His Eminence Archbishop Peter of Chicago and Mid-America the right to wear the jeweled cross on his klobuk, and to elevate His Grace Bishop Agapit of Stuttgart to the rank of archbishop as well as the right to wear the jeweled cross on his klobuk. Metropolitan Hilarion’s proposals were unanimously approved with the singing of “Axios.”

Various documents prepared by committees and the secretariat were then reviewed, and the proposal of Protopriest Ilya Limberger was approved, as follows:

The Council of Bishops, having heard the report on youth ministry in the Russian Church Abroad of Protopriest Ilya Limberger of the German Diocese, and after an exhaustive discussion of the matters outlined therein, decreed:

1) To bolster youth ministry in Central and South America. Towards this end, to find a coordinator for youth ministry in South America, who is to be instructed to join with other youth leaders to develop a plan to organize a youth conference in Latin America.

2) To insist that in every diocese, each parish nominate a youth representative (preferably two) to be the contact person for youth work.

3) To see to it that in every diocese, youth representatives participate in diocesan and parish councils, so that youth ministry remains on the permanent agenda. This should encourage new ideas for youth projects, and will serve to broaden and deepen existing projects.

4) To encourage large parishes to establish youth committees or councils to help the rector in youth ministry.

5) To see to it that parishes donate towards youth ministry on an annual basis. Youth leaders should have the opportunity to manage these funds independently, yet be held accountable before diocesan assemblies. It is desirable that a diocesan youth representative and youth coordinator receive a modest stipend in order to ensure active work and responsibility.

6) To appeal to the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia to finance a conference of diocesan youth leaders and small delegations of youth delegates with the aim of strengthening contact between diocesan youth groups, to exchange ideas and develop new projects. Such conferences should be held at least once every three years in various countries.

7) To appeal to diocesan activists and benefactors to seek out funding for youth pilgrimages to holy sites both within each country and in other countries (the Holy Land, Russia, Greece, etc.).


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