In Memory of Hieromonk Ignaty (Trepatchko, +1991)

On March 1, 1991, Hieromonk Ignaty (Trepatchko), a monk of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, reposed in the Lord. His death was a great loss for the monastic community.

Fr Ignaty, born Viktor, came to Holy Trinity Monastery as a young man together with his younger brother Anatoly. In September of 1959, the two brothers enrolled in Holy Trinity Seminary. While studying, they also helped in monastic obediences, sang on the kliros and participated in daily monastic life.

After graduating in 1963, Viktor requested to be tonsured a monk, and on January 1, 1969, he was tonsured to the minor schema and given the name Ignaty. Four months later he was ordained a hierodeacon by Archbishop Averky (Taushev, +1976) of blessed memory.

Hierodeacon Ignaty and his brother Anatoly put a great deal of work into building the additions of a sacristy, vestry and side room to the monastery Cathedral. Fr Ignaty then worked in the print shop, setting text in the linotype machine. He also led the right-side kliros and directed the monastery choir. During the illness of Archbishop Averky, Fr Ignaty helped him edit the periodical Pravoslavnaya Rus [Orthodox Russia], later assuming that role himself until his very death. Fr Ignaty also produced brochures and books, folding and binding them. He also taught the Old Testament and homiletics at the Seminary.

Fr Ignaty was ill his last few years, his first operation was in 1987. A second soon followed in early 1988. He then underwent rehabilitation. When he regained some of his strength, he resumed his editing obedience, until the end of 1990. In January 1991, Fr Ignaty once again fell ill, and could barely walk. His brother, Fr Anatoly, took him in, whose matushka, Irina, provided difficult medical assistance to him. When it became clear that Fr Ignaty had little time left, the monastic brethren came to pay their last respects.

On March 1, at 2 pm, Hieromonk Ignaty reposed. He had invested a great deal of labor in the monastery and its missionary work. May the Lord reward him for the great labors and ascetic struggles he devoted to Him. Eternal memory!

On Saturday, March 2, 1991, the funeral was held. Archbishop Laurus and Bishop Hilarion (now the First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad) officiated. A great many worshipers attended, and the monastery Cathedral was filled. Fr Ignaty is buried in the monastic cemetery beside his father, Monk Jonah, who had died on the first day of Pascha in 1989.



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