A bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church officiates at Liturgy at Elevation of the Cross Cathedral

On Sunday, September 15, 2019, the 13th Sunday after Pentecost, His Eminence Metropolitan Avgustin of Belotserkovsk and Boguslavsk, head of the Theological-Canonical Commission of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, during a pilgrimage to Western Europe, visited Elevation of the Cross Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in Geneva, Switzerland. At the invitation of His Grace Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe, Metropolitan Avgustin led all-night vigil and officiated at Divine Liturgy. His Eminence was joined by Archimandrite Avgustin (Morozov), who came from Italy, and the cathedral’s own Protopriest Pavel Tsvetkoff and Protopriest Emelian Pocinoc.

During his sermon, Metropolitan Avgustin explained the Gospel reading about the vineyard workers, saying that each of us is a laborer in the vineyards of Christ, and, having received talent and instruction, must work earnestly and prayerfully in this field, increasing our talents, and remembering first of all the main calling of each Christian—to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Truth.

After services, the lofty guest gave the Western European Diocese a facsimile of the ancient Gospel of Lutsk, wishing the clergy and faithful spiritual strength in their witness of Holy Orthodox Christianity in Western Europe. His Eminence shared his fond reminiscences of his pilgrimage to the holy sites and historic places of Switzerland, accompanied by the cathedral’s Deacon Vladimir Svistun.



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