VLADIVOSTOK: November 15, 2013
First Service in Preobrazhensky Cathedral With the Kursk-Root Icon

Early in the morning of November 15, 2013, His Eminence Metropolitan Veniamin of Vladivostok and Primorsk performed a moleben to the Most-Holy Mother of God before the Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God "of the Sign" in Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Vladivostok, which is still under construction.

Metropolitan Veniamin was joined by His Grace Bishop Innokenty of Ussuriisk, Vicar of the Vladivostok Diocese, and clergymen of the Primoriye Metropoliate and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia: Priest Nicholas Olhovsky of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, caretaker of the icon; Protopriest Igor Talko, Senior Priest of Preobrazhensky Cathedral; Priest Dimitry Fedorin, Dean of the First Deanery of Vladivostok Diocese, and Priest Andrei Mashanov, Rector of the Church of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.

Metropolitan Veniamin lifted prayers to the Queen of Heaven for peace and well-being for the people of Primoriye, its government, and for the successful and expedient construction of the cathedral.

“If we appeal to the intercession of the Mother of God with faith, then through Her, the Lord will send us aid,” said His Eminence. Vladyka Veniamin noted that the bells for the cathedral have already been cast and delivered to Vladivostok, and news came when the Kursk Icon arrived that they have already been paid for in full. “Here, on the shores of the Golden Horn, stands a grand church to the glory of God. All those who come to this city by sea or by train will see that this is a Russian Orthodox city. Let us pray that our people open their hearts to the Lord, that they know and praise Him,” concluded His Eminence.

After the moleben, Metropolitan Veniamin thanked the builders, led by Viktor Ivanovich Kopysov, Deputy Director of Russian Special Construction Administration No. 712, and gave him a painted copy of the Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God "of the Sign” blessed on the miracle-working icon itself.

Everyone then venerated the holy icon and received a paper copy of it, also blessed on the icon itself.

The construction of Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Vladivostok began in 2011. At the present time, most of the work has been completed. The ground floor rests on a massive foundation, great walls and large columns rising above it. The walls will be covered with white stone and decorated brick. The church is located on the shores of the Golden Horn, on a parcel on Korabelny Road, abutting the central square of the city. The new cathedral promises to be the grandest in all of the Primoriye region and will accommodate two thousand people, standing 67 meters high. The cathedral is being built by the Vladivostok Diocese on voluntary donations.


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