The Clergy and Parishioners of Toronto's Holy Trinity Cathedral Will Make a Pilgrimage on the 400th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty

Flight of pilgrims from Toronto -  16 May 2013  18:30 ( 6:30 PM )

Return to Toronto - 2 June 2013 20:15  ( 8:15 PM )

Friday, 17 May

    • Arrival at Pulkovo airport (St Petersburg) 14:40 ( 2:40 PM )
  • Arrange accommodations at home of pilgrims (hotel) at the Resurrection Novodevichi monastery 
    • Evening service
    • supper

Saturday, 18 May

    • service at the monastery
    • breakfast
  • general excursion in the city
    • visit to Peter & Paul fortress
      • excursion to fortress and to Sts Peter & Paul cathedral
    • lunch at cafe (at ones’ own expense)
    • Excursion to the Hermitage state museum
    • Church of the Resurrection of Christ on the Blood (Saviour on the Blood)
    • Return to hotel
    • Supper

Sunday, 19 May

  • Liturgy at St John Stavropighial women’s monastery
  • Lunch at cafe
  • Yusupov palace
  • St Isaac’s cathedral
  • Kazan cathedral
  • Veneration of the Kazan Mother of God icon
  • Return to hotel
  • Supper

Monday, 20 May

    • Service at monastery
    • Breakfast
    • Departure for the state preserve museum “Tsarskoe Selo”
    • Catherine palace-museum with excursion and visit to Yantarnoy room
    • Alexander palace –museum with excursion
    • Pushkin Lycee
    • Parks of “Tsarskoe Selo”
    • Lunch at cafe (at one’s own expense)
    • Theodore state cathedral Ôĺîäîđîâńęčé
    • Sophia cathedral
    • Return to hotel
    • supper

Tuesday, 21 May

  • service at the Spiritual Academy or Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra
      • veneration of the holy relics of the Right believing Great Prince Alexander Nevsky
    • trapeza at the Lavra
    • Transfiguration cathedral
    • Michailov Palace
    • Evening service at the Resurrection Novodevichi monastery
    • Supper

Wednesday, 22 May

  • Service at Nikolo-Theophany cathedral by the sea
  • Lunch
  • Smolensk cemetery
      • Visit to chapel of St Xenia of Petersburg
      • Visit to church of Smolensk Mother of God icon and to the graves of the blessed ones of Petersburg
  • departure by train to Kostroma  at 17:36 ( 5:36 ĐĚ )

Thursday, 23 May

  • Arrival by train in Kostroma 9:04 am
  • Visit to Theophany- Anastasy women’s monastery with veneration of wonderworking icon of the Theodorova Mother of God icon
  • Breakfast
  • Visit to Ipatiev monastery
  • Lunch (at one’s own expense)
  • If possible- visit to museum of local history
  • Supper
  • Departure by train for Moscow at 23:00 ( 11:00 ĐĚ )

Friday, 24 May

  • Arrival in Moscow at 5:43 am
  • Arrange accommodations at pilgrim’s home of Ven Maron 
  • Breakfast
  • Departure for Kremlin at 9.00am
  • Visit to Armory palace
  • Excursion to cathedrals on the territory of the Kremlin
  • After finishing the excursion- lunch at cafe (at one’s own expense)
  • Red Square
  • Veneration of the Iveron icon of the Mother of God
  • If possible- visit to historical museum
  • Walk along Varvarka
  • Return to hotel
  • Supper

Saturday, 25 May

  • Breakfast
  • Church of Christ the Saviour
  • Visit to the Tretyakov Gallery
  • Visit to the Martha-Mary convent
  • Return to hotel
  • Supper

Sunday, 26 May

  • Service at the Kazan church in Kolomensk village
  • lunch
  • visit to Theophany cathedral in Yelokhovo
  • visit to Pokrov monastery
  • return to hotel
  • supper

Monday, 27 May

  • breakfast
  • visit to house museum of the Romanov boyars
  • cathedral of the Sign
  • lunch  (at one’s own expense)
  • visit to Novospassky stavropighial men’s monastery
  • return to hotel
  • supper
  • departure for Sheremetevo airport
  • depart for Ekaterinburg 22:10 ( 10:10 ĐĚ )

Tuesday, 28 May

  • arrival at Koltsovo airport of Ekaterinburg
  • Accommodations at hotel
  • rest
  • breakfast 11:00am
  • excursion “Orthodox Ekaterinburg”
  • excursion to Church on the Blood
  • visit to museum of Holy Royal Family at Patriarchal podvorye
  • evening service at Church on the Blood
  • return to hotel
  • supper

Wednesday, 29 May

  • depart from hotel
  • Liturgy at monastery of the Holy Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama
  • Moleben in the monastery; excursion through the monastery
  • Lunch
  • Depart for Alapaevsk 12.30
  • Visit to churches & monasteries of Alapaevsk
  • Visit to Memorial room at “School of the Field”.
  • If possible evening service
  • Supper and night time accommodations at Alapaevsk

Thursday, 30 May

  • Divine Liturgy at the monastery of the Holy Newmartyrs and Confessors of Russia at the mine pits near by Alapaevsk
  • Lunch
  • Continue sightseeing in Alapaevsk 
  • Trip to Verkhoturye
  • Supper and lodging for the night in Verkhoturye

Friday, 31 May

  • Breakfast
  • Visit to the church of All Saints Who Shone Forth in the Land of Siberia at the rock of the Holy Righteous Symeon at the Tura river
  • Visit to the churches and spring of the Holy Righteous Symeon of Verkhoturye in the village of Merkushino (50 ęě from Verkhoturye)
    • check out from hotel
  • lunch
  • visit to holy places of Verkhotuye (monasteries, Trinity Kremlin)
  • supper in cafe (at one’s own expense) along the way to Ekaterinburg
  • arrival in Ekaterinburg
  • arrange accommodations at hotel

Saturday, 1 June

  • breakfast at hotel
  • visit to local museum
  • visit to museum of Urals Gems 
  • lunch at cafe (at one’s own expense)
  • return to hotel
  • free time
  • supper at hotel

Sunday, June 2

  • departure for airport 2:45 am
  • departure for Moscow 6:15 am
  • departure for Toronto from Sheremetovo 11:50 am
  • arrival in Toronto 20:15  ( 8:15 PM )

There could be some minor changes or additions to the schedule

Full fare $3350

Availability limited. Price of trip is guaranteed if paid by April 1st 2013.

We accept cheques or cash.

Price includes:

  • all flight and train tickets
  • tour bus along the whole route
  • Orthodox tour guides along the whole route
  • accommodation along the whole route
  • two meals daily
  • tickets to all museums and excursions

Price of the Trip Does Not Include:

  • medical insurance.
  • trip cancellation insurance. 
  • the issuing of visas for pilgrims with Canadian passports.

The pilgrimage is organized by "All Travel Solutions" (4544 Dufferin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, ON, M3H 5X2; tel: 416-650-1367; e-mail: bystrov@sympatico.ca) with the assistance of Novodevichy Convent St. Petersburg, pilgrimage service of the church of St. Maron in Moscow, Yekaterinburg pilgrimage department of the metropolia and with the direct participation of the Archpriest of Holy Trinity Church in Toronto Vladimir Malchenko

For registration for the pilgrimage and for more information please call: (416) 650-1367 Alexander Bystrov


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