GERMANY: November 8, 2012
The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of Germany is Held in Hanover

The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of Germany convened on November 1, 2012, at the parish center of the Greek parish of the Three Hierarchs in Hanover, Germany. The meeting continued through Friday, November 2, at the episcopal headquarters of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Hildesheim, as reported by the Greek news service Amen and the French Orthodox website Orthodoxie.

In addition to practical questions touching upon the activities of Orthodox dioceses in Germany, the Assembly discussed the following topics:

- The results of the ongoing work of committees working on the translation into Germany of Divine Liturgy and other liturgical texts.

- The organization of curricula of Orthodox catechism in the German language for all Federal lands of Germany.

- Activating Orthodox youth and convening a congress of clergymen of all Orthodox dioceses.

- Organizing measures to celebrate the 1700th anniversary of the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity and the Edict of Milan.

Participating in the Assembly were:

His Eminence Metropolitan Augustine of Germany, Exarch of Central Europe (Constantinople Patriarchate), Chairman of the Assembly; His Grace Bishop Bartholomew of Arianz (Constantinople Patriarchate); His Grace Bishop John of Palmira (Antiochian Patriarchate); His Eminence Archbishop Feofan of Berlin and Germany (Moscow Patriarchate);
His Eminence Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia);
His Grace Bishop Agapit of Stuttgart (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia), and His Grace Bishop Constantine of Western Europe (Serbian Patriarchate).

Also participating in this forum were clergymen and laity of various Orthodox dioceses of Germany.The Assembly concluded its session in the late evening of November 2.


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