JORDANVILLE, NY: June 16, 2011
A Message from  Archimandrite Luke, Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery

Dear Reverend Fathers, Brother and Sisters,

Holy Trinity Monastery, in Jordanville, NY, with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, is pleased to announce a new beginning in its traditional work of publishing and distributing Orthodox Christian literature. This work will now take place using the name “Holy Trinity Publications.” In making this new beginning, the monastery is recognizing that whilst the Russian Orthodox Church is again free to minister to the needs of the faithful in Russia, there is a growing spiritual vacuum in the West that cries out for knowledge of “the Faith once and for all delivered to the Saints.” The Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian people have preserved this Faith with its own cultural uniqueness. Holy Trinity Monastery is an inheritor of this tradition, and through its publications will seek to make this more widely known.

In doing so we hope to make best use of all that modern technologies and distribution channels offer, so that this heritage can be found and appropriated by the greatest number of people.

With all of these things in mind we have launched a new web site: http://www.holytrinitypublications.com/ and published four new and very different books:

A Psalter for Prayer: An Adaptation of the Classic Miles Coverdale Translation Augmented by Prayers and Instructional Material Drawn From Church Slavonic and Other Orthodox Sources  - Compiled, arranged, and edited by David M James
Light Invisible: Satisfying the Thirst for Happiness - By MV Lodyzhenskii, Translated by Mother Magdalena of Novo-Diveevo
Testament of Memory: A Siberian Life - By Mikhail Chevalkov Translated by John Warden
A Practical Handbook for Divine Services - By Gregory Woolfenden

Full details may be found at http://www.holytrinitypublications.com/New_Releases

We value the continuing prayers and support of all in furthering this integral work of the Monastery.

In Christ,
Archimandrite Luke


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