The Russian Church Abroad Marks the Anniversary of the Repose of Bishop Ambroise (Cantacuzene) 

On July 22, 2010, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia marks the first anniversary of the repose of Bishop Ambroise (Cantacuzene).  

Bishop Ambroise, born Peter Cantacuzene, was born on September 3/16, 1947 in Vevey, Switzerland, the son of Prince Peter Georgievich Cantacuzene (1922-1975) and his wife Olga Alekseevna, nee Orlova (1923-1984). He graduated college with a degree in classical philology, then received a diploma in law from Lausanne University. Over the course of seven years he was a teacher of French and elementary law in high school. In 1972, he was ordained a reader in the Church of Holy Great Martyrs Barbara in Vevey on her feast day. In 1974, he was a delegate to the 3rd All-Diaspora Council.   

From 1975-1978, while Warden of Elevation of the Cross Cathedral, he was a disciple of Archbishop Anthony (Bartoshevich, +1993) of Geneva and Western Europe. In the spring of 1976, he was ordained to the deaconate, and on September 13/26, 1976, ordained to the priesthood.   

In the spring of 1978, he was appointed to a parish in Lausanne-Vevey, the rector of which he remained until his death. He often traveled to temporarily minister to various parishes in Brussels, Meudon, Lyon, Bari, Monpelier and Rome. In 1991, he was elevated to the rank of Protopriest. On August 24/September 6, 1993, he was tonsured to monasticism. On September 13/26, 1993, he was consecrated Bishop of Vevey. In 2000, the Council of Bishops appointed him Bishop of Geneva and Western Europe.   

In 2006, the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia granted his request to retire. 

Eternal memory to Bishop Ambroise!