MUNICH: June 25, 2010
Divine Liturgy Will Be Celebrated in German for Children of Different Nationalities on the Feast Day of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco

On Saturday, July 3, 2010, the feast day of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, Divine Liturgy will be celebrated on the edge of a forest in the southern Munich suburb of Harlahing. The aim of this endeavor is to gather not only Russian Orthodox children, but the children of other Orthodox families of Munich so that they come to know each other, and become acquainted with the clergymen and traditions of various Orthodox peoples living in the city. The children will sing, primarily in German, and serve as altar boys. 

A similar Liturgy was celebrated last year, at the relics of St Elizabeth the Great Martyr and Nun Varvara. This time, a portion of the relics of St John, who reposed in the Lord in 1966 and canonized by the Russian Church Abroad in 1994. He was also entered into the list of saints by the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church in 2008.