CANNES: January 22, 2010
On the Eve of the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, the Administrative Council of the Association of St Archangel Michael Church Meets

On January 15, 2010, the first Administrative Council meeting of the Association of the Russian Orthodox Parish of St Archangel Michael convened in Cannes, France. The Council meeting was called by the new President of the Association, who in accordance with the regulations is the Parish Rector, Priest Maksim Massalitin, appointed by ukase of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York on November 5, 2009. Under the previous president, in violation of the Regulations, according to which the Administrative Council must convene no less than once a month, the Council had not met in a long time. As a result, a great number of problems accumulated requiring immediate resolution.  

At the January 16 meeting, a number of urgent administrative matters were discussed, including the renovation of the church and parish house, the summer kitchen, church fences and adjacent territory. Priorities were laid out with a view towards available funding. It was decided that the most urgent measure was to prevent the possibility of the old eucalyptus trees from falling on the neighboring house, and the renovation of the summer kitchen with complete replacement of the electrical wiring in the yard. Until the work is completed, safety measures are to be put in place.  

The Association will renovate the parish house as finances allow, which will include providing housing for the Rector and his family, and in the future, to set up premises for a Sunday school and other church events.  

The Council reviewed a dozen or so estimates provided by the new Rector for renovation work. Two of the five estimates for the fence repair will be submitted to the municipality, and also to discuss the possibility of municipal financial aid during a meeting scheduled with the mayor in February.  

As far as the renovation of the church is concerned, a complicated series of measures needs to be taken to fix the leaking roof, replacing the outdated ventilation and heating systems, and renovation of the iconostasis, frescoes and icons. The Administrative Council noted the importance of preparatory work for the church’s renovation which have already been begun by active parishioners. On the eve of the Nativity of the Lord and the Epiphany, they washed the sooty walls and did a general cleaning of the church. For this, the Council decided to express thanks to these parishioners: Zinaida Safonova, Mark Lopnevs, Alexander Akmentinsh, Olga Kamenskaya, Elena Tumasova, Vladimir Bespalov, Jean and Galina Senechal, Ian Tarovik, Mikael Bergere, Galina Sliusareva and Zhanna Baimukhametova, and also servants of God Galina, Galina, Liudmila and Raisa. Fr Maksim also proposed thanking Irina Verigina, who worked selflessly to set up a parish store in December, 2009.  

The Council decided to hire Zinaida Vasilievna Safonova, who already proved her worth as a choir director.  

The Parish Rector reminded everyone that in accordance with the typical Parish By-Laws in use by the Russian Church Abroad, the warden shall “keep track of the monetary receipts and disbursements of the parish.” The Council then decided that control over church collections and their deposit in the bank must be assigned to the Warden, or the Deputy Warden with the help of one of the authoritative parishioners who enjoys a good reputation in the parish for many years.  

The Administration approved a proposal by the “Korsun” Association of Russian Youth of the Russian Orthodox Church in France to hold a students’ summer camp on the territory of the church.

In accordance with Article 16-1 of the Regulations of the Association, the Council announced February 22 as the date of its next meeting.


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