NEW YORK: January 21, 2010
Appeal from the Executive Director of the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Church Abroad

Another 6.0 earthquake struck Haiti today. The situation in that poor country is dire. 

As of today the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has collected over $50,000 and disbursed $16,000 of aid to the suffering people of Haiti through trusted clergymen on the ground there. This is an ongoing fundraising effort. 

We are working towards opening a clinic on the grounds of one of our five parishes in Haiti.  Please pray for Fr. Gregoire, Fr. Jean, their long-suffering parishioners and for the members of our delegation, who are doing a magnificent job in Haiti, negotiated with the United Nations, the Red Cross, IOCC and other organizations to get aid to
our people.

Please support our fundraising effort.

I want to emphasize that every single penny donated to this project is spent on this project. None of the money earmarked for Haiti is being used for administrative costs or overhead. When the dust settles and we catch our breath, a full accounting of how our donors money was spent will be published on the FFA's website.

In Christ,
V.Rev. Victor Potapov
FFA Executive Director

Source: Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia