GENEVA: 22 June 2009
Bishop Ambrose (Cantacuzene) has reposed

The Chancery of the Diocese of Western Europe has announced the sad news that Bishop Ambrose (Cantacuzene) reposed in the Lord today.

Bishop Ambrose, whose secular name was Peter Cantacuzene, was born on 3/16 September 1947, in Vevey, Switzerland, the son of Prince Peter Georgievich Cantacuzene (1922-1975) and his ife, Olga Alekseevna (nee Orlov, 1923-1984). He completed his secondary schooling with a certificate in classical philology, and then went on tto study law at Lausanne University. Within seven years he had become a teacher of French and basic principles of law in a secondary school. In 1972, in the Vevey's Church of the Greatmartyr Barbara, during its patronal feast, he was tonsured a reader. In 1974, he took part in the Third Pan-Diaspora Council.

From 1975-1978, whle he was guardian of the Cathedral of the Elevation of the Cross, he received instruction from the ever-memorable Archbishop Anthony (Bartoshevich) of Geneva and Western Europe (+1993). In spring of 1976, in Geneva, he was ordained to the diaconate, and on 13/26 September of that year, to the priesthood.

In spring of 1978, he was assigned to the parish of Lausanne-Vevey, where he has been rector ever since. He was often sent to oversee various parishes of the Diocese on a temporary or periodic basis. These included Brussels, Medon, Lyons, Bari, Montpellier and Rome. In 1991, he was elevated to the rank of Protopriest, and on 24 August/6 September 1993, he received the monastic tonsure. Three weeks later, he was consecrated Bishop of Vevey. In 2000, he was appointed Bishop of Geneva and Western Europe by the Council of Bishops.

In 2006, The Council of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad permitted Bishop Ambrose to retire.

May his memory be eternal!


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