NEW YORK : February 3, 2007
FAROCOR's Automated Pledges for Parishes and Church Needs Tripled Collections in 2006

In the second year of the Automated Pledge Program of the Fundraising Arm of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, donations to individual parishes and other church charities tripled.

Since November, 2004, the Fundraising Arm of ROCOR has enabled donors to give to their parish and to other church needs through automatic deductions from their bank account, credit card or even PayPal. Donors make a one-time pledge in any amount, either to their parish alone or divided among several charities as they wish, and FAROCOR's secure electronic system automatically deducts their tax-deductible gifts on a monthly basis for one year. Parishes then receive a single monthly check with the net proceeds for all donations.

We invite everyone to participate in this program by visiting FAROCOR's pledge website here.