SAN FRANCISCO : May 12, 2006 

Report of the Counting Committee of the IV All-Diaspora Council

The official report by the Counting Committee on the voting on the May 11, 2006, Resolution of the IV All-Diaspora Council was read on May 12, 2006. One hundred twenty-four delegates voted; the voting was conducted paragraph by paragraph:

Paragraphs 1 and 2:


Paragraph 3:

FOR—116 delegates

AGAINST—2 delegates

ABSTAINING—6 delegates

Paragraph 4:

FOR—123 delegates


ABSTAINING—1 delegate

Paragraph 5:

FOR—117 delegates

AGAINST—3 delegates

ABSTAINING—4 delegates

Paragraph 6:


Paragraph 7:

FOR—115 delegates

AGAINST—2 delegates

ABSTAINING—7 delegates

President of the Counting Committee: Priest Vladimir Petrenko (South American Diocese)

Members of the Counting Committee: Protodeacon Andre Meillassoux (Western European Diocese)

Alexander Ivanovich Mytilin ( Odessa Diocese)