SAN FRANCISCO: May 16, 2006

Resolution on the IV All-Diaspora Council

Heard: The report on the IV All-Diaspora Council held in San Francisco on May 7-14, 2006.


  1. To raise thanks to God, Who enabled us to successfully hold the IV All-Diaspora Council with the participation of clergy and laity from all dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, that obvious unity of spirit was expressed on the principle question, that the culmination of its constructive work will be the reestablishment of the desired unity of the Local Russian Church, as was expressed in the Epistle of the Council.
  2. To approve and confirm the Resolution and Epistle of the IV All-Diaspora Council.
  3. To confirm the Minutes of the Meetings of the IV All-Diaspora Council and to enter them into its official Acts.
  4. To confirm the Resolutions on lectures and appeals adopted by the Council and in response to greetings received by the Heads of Local Churches and other individuals at the commencement of the Council.
  5. To express thanks to the Pre-Council Committee, the San Francisco Organizing Committee, the Rector, clergymen, Warden, Parish Council, Sisterhood, Choir Director and Choir of the Cathedral in San Francisco, the organizers of the trapeza meals and all those who labored for the successful organization and operation of this event, which was of exceeding importance to the Church.
  6. To express gratitude to the Press Office of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and the colleagues of the official internet sites of the Synod of Bishops and of the Council, who aided in the daily global dissemination of information on the Council along with numerous photographs.
  7. To instruct the Synodal Chancery to draw up all Council decrees.
  8. To instruct the Secretariat of the Synod to collect all materials subject to publication and present them to the Synod of Bishops for confirmation before publication.

May 3/16 2006